Group Work

Groups are very welcome! 

I am offering a powerful dynamic/active version of breathwork or facilitate individually designed workshops concerning living in self-aware presence (guided meditations, body- and breath work, intuitive movements etc.).

Breathwork Intensive „Kreisatmen": for beginners and the most advanced!

  • strengthening your immune system
  • getting closer to your emotions and true feelings
  • being alert, awake and vigilant
  • letting go of emotional or bodily blocks
  • clearing your whole energysystem
  • finally leading into inner peace, true joy and freedom!

Next dates:

16th June 2018

29th Septembre 2018

19th January 2019

6th April 2019

29th June 2019

28th Septembre 2019

… ongoing dates coming soon...

20% sales discount for subscribing 4 dates!

10% sales discount for early bird booking (payment 4 weeks ahead)

What is „Kreisatmen"?

In one sentence:

„Kreisatmen“ is a training to train to trust the untrusted.

How does it work?

It´s an adventure! Each time you experience it somewhat differently.

A special breathing technique expands our consciousness.
In a trance-like state we travel through body sensations and soul realms.
Everything seems to come up by itself - 
intuitively in the flow of life.

In the end of the journey we are totally at peace with ourselves and the world.

My partner and I accompany the process with compassionate energywork, finest background music… and whatever is needed for the moment.

This one-day workshop is framed by preliminary talks, various exercises, a delicious brunch buffet and integrating sharing sessions. 

Register for it!

Please use the Contactform - and decide for an experience you will never forget!

What will it cost?

Only 78 Euro for each participant

Medical hint: Do NOT participate if you are pregnant, lately operated or tend to psychosis!

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