One 2 One Session

How could Energywork help me on my way?

After a short preliminary talk, you lay down comfortably.
All your energies will be recharged and harmonized.
That has a holistic relaxing effect on all levels.
After that we share our experiences, that offer a lot of pracitcal hints for your next steps in self-responsibility...

Blick in die PraxisEnergy healing  works naturally holistic on all levels and bridges the gap between pure functional physic and psychotherapy.  

What does it cost?

Blick in die Praxis

60 min. = 48 Euro
90 min. = 58 Euro
120 min. = 78 Euro

Breathwork as single or partner session (approx 3 hrs.) = 126 Euro

Group Work (1 day) = 78 Euro each participant

I am looking forward to welcome you in my lovely place!
Contact me to date quickly!

Legal hint:

Energywork does not replace medical treatments by physicians or psychiatrists.

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